5 Tips on How to Decompress when Life Gets Crazy

Jul 30, 2017

Michelle Wulfestieg

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I cant believe how this year has flown by! Life gets busy. There are errands to run, kids to take care of, and work to be done. Its easy to get overwhelmed, leading to anxiety and fatigue. So, I wanted to share five tips that have helped me to decompress when life gets crazy.

  1. Laugh. Find the small things that bring you great joy. My daughter and I love to do Snapchat together, a free mobile app that has all kinds of silly filters.  One minute were cute little kitty cats, perhaps a unicorn, then little old ladies with thick glasses. And we will laugh until we cant breath because we don’t take ourselves seriously. You must allow yourself to have fun.
  2. Know your limits. You cant be everything to everyone. It’s okay to say no. When you don’t have good boundaries, people will take advantage of you and that is just exhausting.
  3. Find a quite space, whether it be in the early morning before the sun wakes up, or a walk in the evening after dinner. Make this a habit and carve out the same time each day.  You can read the bible, the newspaper, journal, or just listen to the birds singing their sweet songs. Some people find that walking their dogs is a great stress reliever. There is nothing like being in the company of an adorable puppy.
  4. Volunteer. Find a way to serve. When you help others, you ultimately help yourself. I have been blessed to serve everyday through hospice and it fills my heart with overwhelming love to bring dignity and comfort to the dying. And we are always looking for hospice volunteers. In fact, every hospice across the nation is required by Medicare to have volunteers. So, contact your local hospice and let them know you would like to help or I would be happy to connect you. If visiting patients feels like it might be too much, you can become an administrative volunteer or a bereavement volunteer, helping those who have recently lost a loved one. There are also many expanded services such as art therapy, pet therapy, massage therapy, or even fundraising events.
  5. Celebrate.  Anyone who knows me can tell you that I love a good party. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Sometimes it’s as simple as a victory dance in my office when I am able to help make a hospice patient’s dream come true. Sometimes it’s an actual win.  I will never forget the time when I was in Vegas and hit the jackpot on Wheel of Fortune. I was squealing with excitement. People were coming up to me and asking how much I won. They seemed disappointed when I told them $152.00! Their reaction didn’t matter because it was my moment of joy and I wasn’t going to let them take it.  There is nothing wrong with the penny slots.  Always celebrate small wins. They happen more often and they make life awesome.

Five simple ways to make life a little brighter!

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