Jan 26, 2015

Michelle Wulfestieg

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I hope your new year is off to a fabulous start! For me, it’s been somewhat of a whirlwind.

Ringing in the New Year!

Ringing in the New Year!

The Wulfestieg's and Treb!

The Wulfestieg’s and Treb!

My year began in Times Square, as we threw confetti from the rooftops over a million people standing below. Yes, it is all done by hand! We had the great privilege of joining the Confetti Engineer Dispersal Crew led by the world-renown, Treb Heining! There is nothing more magical, nothing more thrilling than being in the heart of New York City for the biggest party in the world.

learning to walk again.

Learning to walk again.

Then, on January 4, 2015 I celebrated the seven year anniversary of my second stroke. Seven years! I can hardly believe it. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago. It depends on the day really. It’s still so hard to move about. But I try to stay as active as possible in spite of the paralysis. I must persevere and I must keep moving forward.

Just several days later, I was informed that my book won the gold medal for the Illumination Book Awards in the category of Biography/Memoir.Illumination Book Awards


And I was reminded why I persevere. Not for the pat on the back. Not for the glory. But rather to help others along the way who might be struggling.

My prayer is that you learn to celebrate, even in the midst of the battle. I hope you experience so much joy in your heart that you will want to throw confetti from the rooftops. That every day, you will make the conscious decision to look on the bright side. To see the good in people. To stop and appreciate the sunset, or the sunrise. That even on your bad days, you will get up and keep going.

Life is filled with ups and downs. It can be incredibly hard. But it can also be incredibly good. So here’s to you, becoming all that you are, and all that you are meant to be in 2015… And don’t forget to smile.

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