Your Waterfall

Jun 07, 2015

Michelle Wulfestieg

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For me, my path hasn’t been easy. And I would be willing to bet there are many reading this who have had their fair share of battles.

Because for most of us, our lives are like rivers. Rarely do they follow a straight path. All too often we experience fierce rapids, bends and twists, and even waterfalls.

If your path has been anything like mine, then I liken it to Niagara Falls. Perhaps you have gone over an edge so steep that you thought you could never come back from it.

Niagra Falls

But it’s a combination of the height and the water flow that make Niagara Falls so beautiful. It’s true that the things that are often the most beautiful in life are the things that scare us the most. The things that we ask God why, why me? Why am I going through this?

Because when you are drowning in the rapids, it’s difficult to understand the purpose of it all.

But when the waters calm and you look back, and you see your waterfall, you’re amazed, and you can’t imagine your path being any other way.

Natural Waterfalls (9)

My hope is that my story will inspire you to let your trials become your testimony. Because if I can get through it, then so can you. I pray that every struggle you encounter makes you stronger. That you have the courage to stand up for what you believe in and the strength to push through. Above all, I pray that compassion is always your compass, guiding your heart in the direction of your divine destiny.


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  1. Hello,
    I heard you speak on YouTube. I must say I was moved by your story and also by the way you have used what you have been through to give you insight into helping others. My best friend recently lost her 23 year old son. She is having great difficulty coping with it. You mentioned on YouTube that you had a flyer geared towards helping those who have lost a love one on how to make it through the holiday. I was wondering if I could get that for my friend.

    I recently lost a friend six days ago due to a drunk driver. I will read it first!

    Because of your video I am going to volunteer for hospice.
    Thank you,
    Elizabeth Rowland, artist/illustrator
    St. Louis, Missouri

    • Michelle Wulfestieg

      Hi Elizabeth,

      I am so glad that you were inspired by my presentation. I think its wonderful that you are interested in volunteering for hospice. It will change your life.

      Sincerely, Michelle

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